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Where it all begins! Entrance to site with visitor counter and a rare and inviting image of Dorothy.

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The McLean Collection
Playmates Remember
The Jewel of the Dorothy Stratten Website. The Ultimate Premier collection of candid and professional Dorothy photos. These are the only ones of their kind. You will not see these photos anywhere else.
Playmates who knew Dorothy share their exlusive memories.

D-True Stories

Wonderful accounts of normal people who met Dorothy.

The Alan Houghton Collection

Dorothy's Last Interview

An extremely rare and amazing set of 20 photos shot by professional photographer Alan Houghton.

The final and best word on who Dorothy was.

The Kris Kristoffersen Collection

DSW Exclusive Interviews

Two unique and rare Dorothy photos by celebrated American photographer Kris Kristoffersen

Rare interviews that you will only find on this site. Unique insights into Dorothy.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward Collection

Dorothy's own Appointment Book

Two rare photos by successful magazine photographer Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

It doesn't get any more special or unique than this, Dorothy's own personal appointment book detailing her life and activities in L.A. as a Playboy model and hopeful star. Super ultra rare!

Tribute Pages

A collection of inspiring photos and poems, my memorial to Dorothy.

Our Dorothy Scrap Book

Ultimate "D" Pictorial

This will be our collection of contributed  magazines, newspapers and articles. The more things you can hunt down the more we can add!
Check out what we have so far.

The name say's it all. Here is where I share my complete collection of Dorothy Photos that I haven't used in any other pictorial.

Dorothy Products
The Poorman's Pictorial
A great collection of links where you can quickly purchase all the movies, books and T.V. shows featuring Dorothy. 
I have many pictures of Dorothy from magazines and newspapers that are of poor quality that I normally don't post. But the fans have told me, "Put them up regardless of quality!" So this new pictorial is a collection of unique but poor quality Dorothy pics. 

T.V. and Film Appearances

Learn all about Dorothy's acting roles and interviews.

The 23D Series

Movies and Specials about Dorothy

An exclusive set of 23 Dorothy photos taken by a Vancouver photographer. Extremely rare, you will see these nowhere else.

A collection of features about Dorothy's life.

Books about Dorothy

They All Laughed Pictorial

Various books written about Dorothy's life.

A rare collection of stills from the movie. Great shots!

Dorothy Snippets

A collection of short cool sayings about our "D"

Special Galaxina Pictorial

Dorothy Sound Bytes

A unique set of photos that you will only see on this site.

Hear some cool samples of Dorothy's wonderful voice.

Dorothy Devotions

Premier Galaxina Portfolio

My virtual altar. A place where you can share a prayer or a devotion for Dorothy.

One of my premier collections. Tons of photos, rare soundbytes and a great interview with the director himself!

Dorothy Videos

Rare Rollerskate Poster Pictorial

A collection of cool videos from YouTube featuring our Dorothy.

A great collection of never released photos.

Dorothy Facts

Hot Rod Show World Pictorial

A short bio giving some basic background.

Yes, Dorothy posed with muscle cars, see it here.

Dorothy Enigmas

Firebird Pictorial

A collection of obscure coincidences that only a fan with too much time on their hands could come up with.

A very young Dorothy posing with a Pontiac Firebird. She is cute!

Rare Carshow Photos

David Chow and Dorothy

Candid shots donated by fans who took them at car shows. Superb!

A very rare and interesting picture of Dorothy with fashion photographer and actor David Chow.

Wetbike Poster

Denis Monette Interview

A unique poster.

Denis is a Canadian journalist and sucessful author who interviewed Dorothy.

Star City Posters

Two 70's style pinups.

A Survivor's Tale

Rare Comp Sheet

An ex girlfriend of Paul Snider shares a compelling story of what it was like to be with him an escape.

Stunning model style photos of Dorothy.

Super rare Baseball Magazine

Your "D" Comments

Dorothy gets the sports cover!

A forum for you to share your opinions about Dorothy and my site.

Dorothy Comics

Collection of comics based on a character Dorothy made famous.

Dorothy's own Poems
A collection of all the published poems that Dorothy wrote. A rare look into a beautiful but troubled heart.

Aussie People Magazine

Dorothy gets the cover of the Australian People.

B.C. Telephone Company

"D" Art Gallery

Dorothy's job application and the excuse letter she wrote to fly to Playboy in Los Angeles!

See original art with Dorothy as the subject.

A Very Special Tribute

Your Love Thoughts

A unique story from a special fan.

What do you think about love, what have you learned? Share that here with us.

Prism's Tribute Song

Your Love Poems

A cool picture of Dorothy with the band Prism which wrote a tribute song to her called Cover Girl.

Share your romantic spirit here.

Bryan Adams Tribute Song
Dorothy's boyfriend

Bryan's wonderful tribute song as well as a link to his site.

A rare picture of Dorothy with one of her early boyfriends.
Westwood Memorial Cemetery
Yvonne Dash Candid Dorothy Pics
A look at Dorothy's final resting place.
A candid set of photos taken by a childhood friend of Dorothy.
Treasure&Pleasure Sweepstakes Ad
A rare and inviting Playboy ad featuring a young and tan Dorothy in a bunny bikini. I'm definitely catching the next flight out to the Bahamas!