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A fan was kind enough to share these very rare documents. This fan's aunt was Dorothy's supervisor when she worked for the BC Telephone company. When Dorothy died this supervisor was very shocked and moved and copied these documents and kept them all these years. The fan's aunt passed away in 1997 but when the fan was recently cleaning up their aunt's house they found these.

The most interesting item is the excuse from work, hand written by Dorothy herself. What's interesting is that this note is a fib. Dorothy was not picking her mother up in L.A. on August 14th, but was flying down to L.A. to be seen by playboy.

It is not clear if Paul guided her in the writing of this note or if Dorothy was just secretive or conflicted about what she was doing. I mean what if she told the Telephone Company she was posing nude, would she have been fired? What if Playboy rejected her and she got fired? I'm sure she was very scared but she decided to do it alone and she was successful. And haven't we all fibbed to get time off of work at least once? ;)