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Kris Kristoffersen is a classic American photographer. His specialty is the land of America and the people of this vast and varied country. He has consistently demonstrated the uncanny ability to capture the essence of traditional America.
His photos are powerful, unique and possess a timeless living quality rare in photographers today.

Please visit his website and experience his unique work.

In 1980 Kris had the unique and rare opportunity to photograph Dorothy. Only two images remain from those sessions. presents for the first time these two exclusive photos.

Kris Kristoffersen is mentioned by Dorothy in her Appointment Book:
Appointment Book Page 33

Kris was also kind enough to take a moment to tell me his story of meeting and photographing Dorothy.


My memory of Dorothy was of an extremely sweet girl, who found it hard to say no to anyone. I first met her with her agent at the time, on Sunset Blvd, at Cyranos across the street from Le Dome. I was immediately struck by how beautiful she was.

We set up an appointment for me to shoot her commercial composite for the next week. A commercial composite at that time, consisted of poses like, roller skating, eating ice cream, reading something etc. It wasn't sexy, it was so she could get commercials on TV.

Dorothy always paid me, which her husband didn't like. He thought, and I quote: “that I made her look like she had just gotten off of a farm from Canada” which was exactly what I was shooting for. I think she was pleased with the results.

I remember her talking about her little sister and how much she loved her.
One day, when Dorothy came over to my place I met Louise. Dorothy also read me some of her poetry she had written. I could tell something was bothering her. It was about her private life.

At that time, I remember me asking why she was considering marrying Paul. Her reply was that she thought she owed him. I said, I didn't think that would be a good basis for a marriage. She said that's what the girls at the Playboy club had also said. But of course she went ahead anyway.

The last time I photographed Dorothy she had just come from her hair dressers and was in tears because they had dyed her hair platinum blond and she upset with the results, as she was on her way to shoot a film. I think it was They all laughed.
She told me she was involved with a famous Hollywood director, but she wouldn't say who. I kissed her on the cheek as I said goodbye, and that was the last time I saw her.