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"The McLean Collection"

It is with great honor and joy that I present to you the jewel of "The McLean Collection."

This wonderful and incredibly rare collection of candid and professional Dorothy pictures was loaned to by Gregory C. McLean, the premier Dorothy collector in the world and my good friend.

Gregg has been of immeasurable support in building the quality and scope of over the years and this collection represents his supreme contribution.

My eternal thanks Gregg!

Note: All images in this collection are the exclusive property of Gregory C. McLean. Ownership has been fully and legally recorded. No unauthorized reproduction, sale, or publishing of these images either in print or on Websites is permitted! has been granted the exclusive rights to display these images online.

The Candid Set
This is a collection of candid shots and Polaroid's probably taken with Dorothy and Paul's own camera by friends as they posed. Many of these solo Dorothy shots may even have been taken by Paul himself.
The Magazine Set

Two very rare and unique magazines featuring Dorothy. You may recall that at one time Paul was trying to talk Dorothy into changing her stage name to Kristen Shields. Well Look closely, because the Critique Magazine features Dorothy as Kristen Shields!

The Letter
You may have read that Dorothy wrote a letter to Paul in an attempt to break away from him. In that letter she describes herself as a bird in a cage that wants to fly free. But what hasn't been known publicly till now is that Paul also wrote a letter to Dorothy. This is that letter. As far as I know it was never finished, never sent. This is the actual draft. Rare and disturbing.
The Poster
This is an Advertisement for a life size poster of Dorothy as a bunny. A few posters were run off the presses but production was halted because of Dorothy's death. Only a handful of these posters are still in existence. But even more rare is this advertisement for the posters. I have never seen it before and this may very well be the only print in existence!
The Professional Set
These wonderful professional photos are each 11x14" in size on high quality glossy photo stock. Each is in impeccable condition. Even though they were taken over 28 years ago many of these photos look like they were shot yesterday. As you can see, some of these photos were taken by the first photographer to take professional pictures of Dorothy, Ken Honey. The firebird picture was taken by William LaChasse.