In 1937 the popular philosopher Ayn Rand produced a novella entitled "Anthem" referring to the rediscovery of "egoism" by the male lead. His "true love" in the story is a character called the "Golden One." The reason I bring this to the fore is that I see Dorothy Stratten as the true Golden One--except she, unlike the Randian characters, could not escape mistakes and, ultimately, death. I wonder if Rand would have blamed Dorothy for her own demise because she was demure and self-sacrificial. The real truth is that it is Dorothy that is the Ideal Woman, the Why of Metaphysics. Rand's alienated and egotistical feminine leads cannot but delude us from the terrible truth that
that Ideal Woman was, for no matter how short a time,on earth and was not known for the Why that she was/is--outside and in.
John Galt

Your Love Thoughts

In these pages we will have the freedom to express what is best in humankind. Search deep within and find that stillness and quiet where your true nature exists. In that silence "Love" in its most pure and primal state shines eternally. The more time we spend there the more of that purity we bring back and can give to the world. I encourage all of you to seek those still waters, to dive deep into its depths and emerge born anew.

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Beautiful things can make sad people happy, bad people good. When you think about it beautiful things can change the universe.
Trance Gemini

 One time in a million God creates a truly benevolent soul who is sent to
help us comprehend who we are as human beings and to guide us in this torrid world of emotions and fears. These individuals are extremely rare, more so than any precious stone or any coveted earthly creation. They are
extraordinary in their mastery of their emotions and the image that they
portray to the people who are, indeed, blessed enough to know them, if only
for a brief moment in their lives.

 If one was to ask an ordinary man to describe them, words would drastically fail and lack the depth and sensitivity that are needed to portray these individuals put it in the simplest terms would be as if God himself had sent down a little piece of heaven on earth and said.........."hold this person close to your heart... and you will feel true love....". We cannot explain why we are drawn to these people, but just to be near them gives a great deal of solace and joy, to know have them in our lives is a gift in which no price can ever be placed..the imprint they leave on us is forever and "unique" like no other we have known or will ever know!

Many of these individuals stay out of the hustling, erratic and many times insane pace of mainstream existence, gentle spirits who ever so softly touch our lives with their fingertips, hidden from the publics consciousness.....after all they are an alms from God, and not one to be taken for granted! Every once in a while, though, one of these persons is placed, for whatever reason, somewhere that makes them known to a great deal of people, more than was ever intended...and their power and presence, if not physically in front of us or personally in our lives, is still felt most overwhelmingly in many hearts and minds that they touch, a glow that radiates from our innermost being, an emotion we feel like no other and one we can not easily explain away, almost as if we've known them our whole lives, and our lives have become more fulfilled from that first moment we've found them.

Just to think of them or say their name brings us an upraise, an assurance that restores our faith in all that is positive in this unbalanced world we live in......Many of us unfortunately will never have the opportunity to know any of these individuals....but in my lifetime I am honored to say I have known one....I can only explain Dorothy Stratten in this way, for showing us, if only for a short while how compassionate, openhearted and gentle someone can be. For bringing so many people that childlike innocence and happiness that many of our dark lives lack so much of....a true light of hope..!

If there exist people in this world so evil and so cruel, there must
exist people who are so completely the opposite, so powerful in their love
and understanding and their devotion that the mere sight of them brings love
and compassion flooding into our very souls.....I can explain it no other
way..I have never had the pleasure of knowing her personally...but I feel so
fortunate to know of her...I still to this day can not explain the feelings
that I have when I see her...and don't ever wish too.....
......Her impact will be felt forever in my heart...........