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Heidi Sorensen's Tribute

It was an unexpected and pleasant experience when Heidi Sorensen the July 1981 Playboy playmate of the month introduced herself by email. Of course I had to ask her about Dorothy and herself. Heidi was very kind and offered a sad and intimate remembrance of Dorothy and that fateful day. Below are some pictures of Heidi from her playmate days and some from today as well as a short bio on Heidi followed by her remembrance.
From all of us Heidi, a big thank you!

Heidi then,

And today.

Heidi was the July 1981 Playboy Playmate and worked extensively for Playboy enterprises. Heidi also performed in a girl's group called "The Playmates" that featured five playboy centerfolds. Heidi has a background in radio and has done voice work for some Tom Hanks films and the Howard stern film "Private Parts." As an actress she has appeared in over two dozen films and television shows such as "Roxanne" with Steve Martin "Spies like us" with Chevy Chase and "Into the Night" with Michelle Pfeiffer. She also starred in her own TV series called "Shaping up" with Leslie Neilsen and Jennifer Tilly and had appearances on General Hospital, Dream On and The Young and The Restless.
For the past few years Heidi has been working as a screen writer in L.A. She has also written a book on dating entitled "You can date me" where she gives the secret knowledge that men can use to generate attraction and obtain the woman of their dreams.
Heidi is currently writing a book on her experiences with breast cancer and the importance of women taking an active role in their individual healing process. Heidi has started her own non-profit foundation called The Enlightened Breast Foundation that focuses on raising funds for underprivileged women struggling with breast cancer.

Heidi's original email and remembrance

My name is Heidi Sorensen and I was a Playboy centerfold in July of l981. Dorothy was a friend and a fellow Vancouverite. I am currently a writer and have moved back to Vancouver after living in L.A. for 23 years. I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a good site on Dorothy... she would have enjoyed it very much. In my latest book that I am writing, I recall Dorothy and remember her innocence. She was a pure spirit in every sense; so completely naive to the harshness of the world and the cruelties of others. She was down to earth and real, unlike so many other young women I met at the mansion. Her eyes never beheld petty jealousies, she was encapsulated in a bubble of love; truly. She had eyes full of wonder and excitement in regards to her future.
The night she died, I was sitting in the dining room with Sondra Theodore and some of the other "Singing Playmates" eating dinner. A butler entered the room and in a hushed voice told us what had happened. In a state of disbelief, Sondra and I walked the stone path to the game room to tell Hef. When the words finally came out, Hef's eyes clouded over in a fog, unable to comprehend the enormity of what we told him. Hef loved Dorothy, not in a romantic way, but in the way that one soul might love another when they recognize their goodness. It was the end of something beautiful and the beginning of Dorothy's journey on another level.
Heidi Sorensen

Heidi's new book "The Breast Chronicles" has a chapter devoted to her memories of the day Dorothy died. Heidi thought she would share it with us. It is a very powerful but grim remembrance that informs us vividly of the horror and loss of that day.

Read the Dorothy Chapter

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