Galaxina is a Silly, zany spoof film. Galaxina was the first time I ever saw Dorothy. Even though she played the robot Galaxina, her magic still spoke to me. It was after watching Galaxina that I felt the need to find out who she was and what her beauty was saying. The film Galaxina is fun and stupid. A loser captain and crew are given the mission to seek the "Blue Star", an energy crystal of incredible power. During the mission the first officer falls in love with Galaxina (Dorothy) but can never express that love as Galaxina's body is charged with a defense screen that shocks anyone who touches her. 
Galaxina can only be loved from afar. A new 25th Anniversary Widescreen Edition has finally been released with perfect quality, extra footage, my audio interview with the director, lots of pictures, a short bio on Dorothy that I wrote and much more. Please pick up a copy and enjoy this fun movie.

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Dorothy Stratten Galaxina

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